Why Should I Use Linux

First of all, it’s free.

Not free as in beer, free as in freedom.

If you bought a house, but the real estate agent said “You can move the funiture, but you can’t repaint the house. If anything breaks, you have to call the builders and have them come out to fix it. Since they are the only ones allowed to do so, they can charge you what they want, and you have to pay.

This is what macOS and Windows would be like if they were houses.

On the contray, if Linux was a house:

Linux would be a set of blueprints for the frame of the house, and other people would add funiture, paint the walls, wire it up, get water, etc. Some houses (Arch, Gentoo) would give you a oak seed, a set of blueprints, and a hammer.

Back in the day (~1990, Win 3.11), you actually had to be good at computers to install stuff (a:; setup). People knew what they were doing.

You have to know what it does.

In today’s age, people just double click the exe file. They equate a exe with an installer or a app. If they are dropped into recovery mode, with a command line, they can’t do anything at all.

I used to be at that level, once.

Then I got Linux.

My first experince with Linux was Raspbian on a 3B+

I borked it three times becuase I plugged the plug after HDMI went down.

I used to not be able to mount drives.

I can now to most of my work from /dev/tty2

I’ve recovered my system from a Plymouth hang.

All this and more, Linux has done for me.

It’s light as a feather.

There are some Linux versions that run only in ram.

These are great for old computer that can’t run XP

Written on May 8, 2020